Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Have you taken a moment to check out the most recent issue of 
The Scribe or Horror magazines.

The Scribe Magazine - October 2020 Issue


The Scribe Magazine from Breaking Rules Publishing is full of short stories - poetry and helpful hints in regard to marketing your book - starting a journal and a blog. The lineup is below.

The Scribe Magazine Writer List

Brian Wagstaff – Wag – Chitra Gopalakrishnan – C. L. Sidell – Barrie Darke – E. E. King – Floris van Zyl – Frederick Pangborne – Harris Coverley – John D. Ashton – Kevin M. Folliard – Pedro Iniguez – Terry Groves – Timothy Wilkie – Elaine Rush

Authors from – the USA – United Kingdom – South Africa – Saba Island – Canada – India.

Horror Magazine - October 2020 Issue


The Horror Magazine from Breaking Rules Publishing is full of short stories - poetry and helpful hints in regard to marketing your book - starting a journal and a blog. The lineup is below.

Horror Magazine Writer List

Harris Coverley – Pedro Iniguez – Andrew Punzo – Chisto Healy – Dan Woessner – E. E. King – Ian Delacroix – Mike Radar – Joshua Campbell – Judith Baron – Nick Fletcher – Matthew Pendell – Peter Glazebrook – Robert Lupton – Timothy Wilkie – T. M. Brown – Katherine Widick - -Matthew Wilson – John Grey – Justin Zipprich

Authors from – the USA – United Kingdom – Saba Island – Italy – Australia – Canada - 


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Promote your art opening - your CD release - dancer performances, your new book or book signing etc. 

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Monday, October 19, 2020

Danger Will Robinson - Cyber Bullying And What To Do.


Just a warning - 

Part of what is in my make-up and has flowed over into Breaking Rules Publishing is the desire to help people. The goal and mission statement is based on not only helping writers/authors get their books published but to also help them to market their books. Our hope is to bring some success to their dreams.

Our plan is to bring the writers together so that we can build a writing community where all of the members are communicating and supporting each other. Helping to market each other’s books.  It’s not something that everyone can get a handle on our even have the time for – but the thought and purpose are there.

To help with this we have created marketing groups and an Author Salon. The groups help to market each of the members – the Author Salon is meant to offer information – guest speakers and a chance to help each other.

However, every now and then someone with the wrong attitude, outlook, and lack of moral compass finds their way into a group meant to only to good. That person now is, Gary S. Kadet.

Many of you know the story, Mr. Kadet being rude and nasty to the members of the Author Salon. So much so that he had to be muted and then finally removed. Due to the reaction from several authors under our umbrella we had to downgrade Mr. Kadet’s books from being placed on the website – Amazon and Kindle – to being just a “publish on demand” book. Of course, he wasn’t happy about it and thought it best to keep him and remove those that felt threatened and remove them from our sites. Right off the bat, you can see that Mr. Kadet doesn’t feel that his behavior is out of line. He thinks that threatening to bring a lawsuit against Breaking Rules Publishing or emailing over 50 times in a matter of 2 days. Or the insults and threats on social media platforms are an appropriate thing to do. This situation continued for a couple weeks, a complaint to the BBB  and Yelp also appeared, and then, when he saw that his threats and harassing treatment weren’t going to get him anywhere, he sent me an email to request that we cancel his contract. We naturally jumped at the opportunity. At the time we also required that he sign a form that would require that he stop trashing BRP and their authors. Clearly, he doesn’t stand by his word.

Just recently I received a message from someone else that was being harassed by Mr. Kadet. The young man is a transgender author in CA, I should mention that Mr. Kadet is from RI and the suit was filed by Mr. Kadet. The court appearance was a restraining order – apparently, the two have been dueling on Twitter for a while. Not my business, but, Mr. Kadet stated that this young man was the reason he lost his contract with BRP. You already know why that ended. Little to say that in the court proceeds, Mr. Kadet lied to the judge, not knowing of course that I sent all of the emails he sent me – as well as social media posts – and of course his request to cancel his contract. The judge had it all and yet, he still tried to push his lies.

Yes, of course, he lost the case – but has decided that Breaking Rules Publishing, and me and all of the authors under the BRP umbrella are fair game. So he is aggressively posting negative statements about me, the company as well as posting fake and negative reviews about our authors books.

The reason why I’m telling you this is to request that you just not engage with him – and report any negative and suspicious reviews as well as any negative posts on your social media sites. But keep a record of any statements and interactions.

I also wanted you to know that there are about 60 other writers on Twitter that will be joining together to bring a lawsuit against Mr. Kadet. I will also be speaking to my lawyer myself to charge Mr. Kadet with a hate crime. As stated above – Mr. Kadet has focused his attention on women and members of the LGBT community. Basically, because he finds them weak.  So, simply put, I’ve had enough and also need to protect the business as well as all of our authors. It’s not enough that Mr. Gary S. Kadet is charged with a restraining order. He’ll just continue what he’s doing under factious names now, as you can imagine, he’s doing that now. So what’s to stop him from continuing on? Jail – he needs to be stopped and sent to jail. A hate-crime will do just that.

So again, please don’t engage the man. Let him dig his own hole and pull the dirt in after him.

I’m sorry to drop this in your lap, I’m sorry that he darkened our doorstep and I’m sorry to have brought this vile human being into our fold. I hope that you can forgive me. But – together we’ll fix this and send Mr. Gary S. Kadet packing.


Keep your eyes open – tempers low and we’ll all be fine.


Thank you again for your support and understanding.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Just be good to each other.


  It just never seems to fail. Things are going well and then the proverbial wrench gets thrown in the fan. Over the last few days, one of the Breaking Rules Publishing authors showed their true colors, and it wasn’t pretty. When he came to us we had a conversation about his reputation. He let it be known that there were some people on Twitter that were out to get him. The comments that they are spreading were incorrect and they have been trying to bring him down for years. We gave him the benefit of the doubt and took him on.

          Well come to find out – those few Twitter people that are trying to warn the writing community about this guy – all true. It didn’t take long to figure that out.

          The decision, after some heated conversations, threats of a lawsuit on his part and rude comments to and about our authors left me to remove this writer from our website – Amazon and Kindle. Interestingly enough, after an inspiring conversation with our lawyer, we were reminded that nowhere in the contract does it say that we will place your book on our website – Amazon or Kindle. Of course, for sales purposes, it is in our best interest to place our authors there. However, when one of your authors threatens you with a lawsuit it might be best to distance yourself from them. So we have. Did we indirectly outsmart him? Possibly. Will he continue with a lawsuit? Well, the people on Twitter tell us that he has been threatening them for years and nothing has to their way yet – so the likelihood is – No. What I can tell you is that even after many requests to stop emailing and messaging us on Facebook we have had to block him. Of course, we will keep the emails for any such lawsuit to provide the harassment and signs of lack of integrity that he has.

          His continued responses of his rights were actually interesting and reminded me of the No Shirt – No Shoes – No Service sign you see on store windows. Right? Dude – this is my company, you have no rights here. You have the contract and we have not broken it. You don’t get to interpret it and you don’t have a say on how I should run my business and you don’t get to tell me what to do – make demands and now – you don’t have the right to promote your books on my website – Amazon or Kindle. You win!

          So what comes now? Well, as a few of our authors and my BFF have suggested – it’s time to put this guy up on a shelf and let his contract run out or wait for him to pull out. But for now – it’s business as usual. Has this been a waste of time? Yep – no question – dealing with him was like speaking to the highest-ranking narcissist on the planet. The good news, we don’t bend to bullies – submit to peer pressure or negotiate with terrorists. And that is pretty much how he was coming across.  

          As we move forward from this we plan to do a bit of a background check on the authors that are coming into our house. What we’re trying to do here is create a writing community. One where the members help to promote – support and encourage each other. What we don’t need is someone who has an ego the size of Texas and the character of 45. We need good people that want to see others advance as well as themselves and to help in that process.

          Now my rant is over. We’ll step over this guy and go on with our work and get it all done – and done well.

          Thank you for letting me get all of this off my chest. I thought it best to let you all know that this person will no longer be on our website. His reputation and rants will not shine on you in any way. It’s my job to protect you all from this – I will not fail.


          Thanks for all of your support and encouragement. I appreciate it – I really do.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Welcome to the new Marketing Specialists

Breaking Rules Publishing. 

We have a lot going on at Breaking Rules Publishing right now. To start with we have three magazines that are coming out monthly, The Scribe, Horror and Triangle Writers. Like anything else, promoting them can be tough. Our anthologies have become very popular, Horror comes out every two months and our open genre is every three. We continue to accept submissions in all genres from writers around the world. Currently, we have authors in 16 different countries; this doesn’t include magazines or anthologies, which expands further.
We have plans in the works to start a weekly podcast and YouTube channel, build our social media platforms. The plans for the writing retreat in May are going full speed ahead and we’re starting to plan for a couple more this year. We’re tossing around ideas for starting to offer writing classes and we just recently took on a staff of marketing specialists. Which brings me the greater part of this message.

I’ve said this before. Hell, I just said it last night to a potential marketer. Now I’ll say it again. Now that you’ve written and published a book. Guess what?

You’re a business now.

Yep – that means that you have to look at yourself as a selling and marketing machine. The idea of just sitting back, relaxing and start to write another book is OUT. Sure you need to write that next book – BUT.

NOW – you have to figure out how to sell the book, create book signings, get interviews, promote your book and yourself. Tell people about yourself, your writing process, your characters and how you came up with them. HERE, is a great place to start. You could also advertise your book in one of the BRP magazines. It’s a great way to get some exposure. LISTEN - You need to reach beyond your family and friends and your neighborhood to find that perfect reader sitting in the coffee shop, sipping their Columbian Black with a bit of cream no sugar,  just waiting to hear about you and your book. YOU have to work at it. YES, it’s hard. NO, it’s not easy and you’re going to question yourself and what you’re doing every day. But it is something that you have to, need to do. But you also have people that are willing to help you – take their advice.

Welcome to the New Marketing Specialist. 

If you’re part of the BRP family then you’re lucky to have a group of marketers that are on your side. They are here to help you promote and sell your book. To find you opportunities and guide you to help you find success with your book.

LET ME BE CLEAR – anyone that you have marketing your book isn’t there to do it all for you. You have to actually do the work yourself as well. Together – you are a team. I’m sorry did I hear myself correctly? Yes, you’re now a team.

OKAY – rant over. Now, get to work. Put your pen to paper, write your next story and work on promoting yourself and your book/s.

For me, I’m working on book seven – Tredici Porte, 13 doors. It’s a book of 13 short stories about 13 doors that I found in Italy. Is it a challenge? Yes! I’m about halfway into it and I hope to have it completed by the end of March. 

Wish me luck!

Friday, January 3, 2020

Happy New Year

The New Year makes us all start to look inward, trying to find that inner peace, the calmness, and direction that you hear so much about but rarely see. It also brings us the need to set goals and challenges, resolutions and good intentions. As creatives, and be honest with yourself, we tend to overextend and overreach. Looking for all the possibilities without the reality of life as a backdrop.

Suggestion –

Keep your 2020 goals small and reachable. If by chance you happen to write those three books by the end of August, keep going and start another. No one said that you had to stop just because you made it to the end.

Meaning  -

The goals you set now are or should be, meant to be reached. Thinking that you’re going to write a book a month, well, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Reaching your goals before your deadline offers you a chance to set a new goal. So give yourself a break a set yourself up for success and a reachable goal for 2020.

Breaking Rules Publishing Goals –

- To reach 250 titles on the website before the year’s end.
- Create a calendar for three writing retreats a year.
- Grow the subscription and sponsorships for The Scribe – Horror and Triangle Writers magazines.
- Grow the Scholarship Program to help writers get the tools that they need to succeed.
- Create writing competitions for all ages.
- Create/expand on our writing community and try to get all of our writers to see that together we’re much more powerful than we are alone.

Lofty goals? I don’t think so. We have 365 days to figure it out and we already have some plans put in place so we just need to continue and expand on them. Now it’s just a matter of follow-through.

Breaking Rules Publishing’s Missionis to be the writer's publisher, create a writing community, and provide encouragement, resources, competitions, and inspiration to writers, both young and not so young, at any writing level.

Breaking Rules Publishing Goalsis to help any writer who has hopes to see and learn from others, as well as possibly become published.

What Drives Breaking Rules PublishingWriters that get lost in their own imagination, topics, and characters. Writers that have the nerve to look beyond, offer what they have within and are willing to break the rules. 

What drives you?

Breaking Rules Publishing continues to accept submissions in all genres from writers around the world. Please email us at info@breakingrulespublishing.com or visit our website at www.breakingrulespublishing.com. 

Learn more on the Breaking Rules Publishing website - www.breakingrulespublishing.com.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Guest Blogger Crystal Reavis - Marketing Tips

Marketing tips for Authors - written by Crystal Reavis

Marketing is super important for authors to do to get themselves and their books in front of readers. Besides writing it’s the most important thing an author can do. Today I want to share with you marketing tips that have worked for me and others!
1.      Giveaways: People love free things so what better way to get your name out there? I did this with my first book and got a pretty great reaction. Even bestselling authors do giveaways from time to time. Terry Goodkind is known for giving away free copies of books. It doesn’t have to be a book though you can giveaway bookmarks or even magnets.
2.      Sales: Have a sale! Take 10% off for every purchase or give free shipping! People love deals and will usually jump at the chance to get a product they want on sale.
3.      Post to social media: Most of us do this anyway but the people who get the most interaction are those who don’t always talk about what they’re selling. Post questions, talk about other books and authors, do polls or post a funny meme. People will interact with those posts, in turn they will most likely be more positive toward posts about your own book.  Almost all of the most successful business does this and they excel!
4.      Book signings: I know as an author you’re probably thinking well this one is obvious but a lot of smaller authors don’t do these. Book signings allow you to get in front of potential readers and let them get to know you. They get to ask questions and let you know hat they loved/disliked about the book. This experience will stick with them.
5.      Get an ad on local radio: Pay for an ad on a local radio station, this will get you in front of the radio audience.  I never thought about doing this until I spoke to my publisher but it’s an amazing idea! A lot of radio stations have big audiences and this will help more people hear your name!
6.      Put an ad in the local paper: Same concept as the radio ad, this is all about getting you in front of more people that you may not have originally thought about marketing to, 
7.       Business cards: I had someone ask why business cards as an author? Well, you’re a business. Most businesses have business card. These will help you get your link out there, if you have a website or blog. This in turn will drive more people to your book link.
8.      Blog: Blogs are popular and a great marketing tool. Your blog will allow you to not only share about your book(s) but share your thoughts about anything related to writing. A lot of authors have blogs and many have said it helps them sell more books.
9.      Website: If you have a website you can put all your books on there, making it easier for people to find your books. This website can even include your blog making it more efficient for your readers to follow you. Websites are the number way people buy things anymore! It would be very smart to have a website.
10.  Build an email list: This is a great way to keep the people who are truly interest in your work well interested. You can send weekly emails, biweekly or even monthly. A lot of authors talk about their writing process, offer courses, free snippets of books, share what books they like, author to follow, what’s trending in the writing world etc.  It keeps you front and center of your readers minds. 
11.  Video: Make videos on YouTube or even Facebook. This goes back to allowing your readers to “see” you. You can talk about your writing process, how your book is going, have a Q&A, offer advice to aspiring authors, talk about the different genres and what to do/not to do if you write in those genres. You can talk about almost anything to build an audience this way. It keeps people engaged and allows them to interact with you in a totally different way. Many authors in this day and age have built their following almost entirely by making videos. 
12.    Have a book launch: When your book is ready for release have a book launch. This can be done in person or online. Many are done online now and are highly successful. You can do a giveaway at this time even; I did and it went well. Reveal your cover, ask your readers what they are most excited about your book. There are many ways to use this to your advantage! This in my experience is one of the best ways to market yourself.

There are many other ways that you can market yourself, this is just a few to get you started on your journey to marketing yourself as an author. If you have any you can add let us know!

Breaking Rules Publishing continues to accept submissions in all genres from writers around the world. Please email us at info@breakingrulespublishing.com or visit our website at www.breakingrulespublishing.com.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Watch what you say and watch what you do.

Watch what you say and watch what you do.

Tolerance  - Toleration and tolerance are terms used in social, cultural and religious contexts to describe attitudes and practices that prohibit discrimination against those practices or group memberships that may be disapproved of by those in the majority.
So I’ll go a bit further and say that speaking, writing or acting in a way that will offend others are not acceptable. AND, that as a person in the public eye, and now that you’ve written a book, a story, a poem and placed your work here in these magazines you are, that you should hold yourself to a higher purpose and level.

I can’t tell you how many times I have written emails in response to authors and their actions, behavior or manner of speech. Those same emails are deleted and a new one is written. The process? Is just to get the anger off my chest and out of the way. I will also admit that I’m not perfect, yet do my best to not say things that will offend others and place me and my company in a bad light.

Having said that – I recently read a post on one of the BRP writer's Facebook page. And who would have thought that Facebook would be such a place of misunderstanding or a place of false courage and strength for the writer? Back to the point. This author decided to place a post, yes on his personal page, that the world is growing more and more homosexual and that we should all hate this as well as all homosexuals.
Now I’m not here to tell you what to think, to debate the role of homosexuals in the world or if you should comply with the writer's thought and become a homosexual. What I am here to tell you is that you’re living in 2019. That you are working with a publishing house that is open and accepting to ALL individuals, regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or whether or not they pick their nose.

So, to write something like that literally goes against all that we here at BRP believe in.

My response – was to remind this writer that they are seen by more people than just those that are within their 10 miles radius. That social media isn’t always the place to offer such statements as this will offend your possible audience. And sorry, but yes, you’re now a business and businesses typically don’t act this way.

His response – This is my Facebook page I can post what I want.

Agreed – but when you start to lose followers – you start to lose sales – this may be one of the reasons why.

His response – This is my Facebook page I can post what I want. And I think that in a year I want to cancel my contract and have someone else publish my next book.

My response – cool – but why wait. If you are unhappy with BRP because we are cautioning you against offending others – cool – we can cancel your contract now. There is no need to continue and have you have another year of being unhappy.

Yep – you guessed. He changed his tune. Unfortunately for him, I did not.

Somewhere along that way people, this guy, got it in his head that we are here to serve him. Let me correct that – we are a team, therefore, we don’t serve you or him – we work with you. If you see it differently, then this not the place for you.

Every time I speak to a new author I tell them that we are working together to make them and their book a success. That we as a team will come up with marketing ideas together that will hopefully move their book forward.

Keyword – TEAM

May I say that again – TEAM!

Breaking Rules Publishing doesn’t take orders from their authors – we work with them. Breaking Rules Publishing doesn’t give orders to our authors – we work with them. So when you have someone who sees you as someone beneath them it is best to cut the ties and let them go.

And now it gets better.

After giving him what he wanted he thought it best to reach out to some of our other authors and do his best to trash me and the company.

If I have to explain why this behavior is childish and unprofessional – then we have an even greater problem.

The point of this rant – just be kind to people.  Just be understanding with people and their views and for crying out loud – realize that you’re a business now – and I’m sorry to say – you’re going to have to act like one.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Everything that is new

Hey Guys –

So today I wanted to talk to you about a few things that are happening at BRP.

First up –

The new issue of The Scribe Magazine. As you may or may not know, The Scribe is packed full of short stories, poetry, writing advice. Tales of writers and how they got started. Some marketing ideas – why you should be journaling – how to start a blog – even a podcast. We have a couple of permanent columns as well as advertise as many of our writers in inventory as the interior will allow. You can subscribe or buy the magazine outright. Just hit up our website at www.breakingrulespublishing.com

Also – we are currently taking submissions for our November issue as well as a holiday issue in December. The great news is that come January 2020 – the magazine will be a monthly periodical.

Second –

We have decided to add a couple of new faces to the periodical department of BRP – which simply means that we are opening up two new magazines – Horror and Triangle Writers. Our hope is that the focus is obvious – if not then I’ll help you. Horror is just what you are thinking – any short story or poem that is in the Horror/Thriller/Paranormal genres. The second is Triangle Writers – for years the triangle has been associated with a safe place for the LGBT community. So we have put forth a new magazine that will house short stories and poems that are written by our about the LGBT community.

If you are looking to submit a story or poem to either of our three magazines, please email us at info@breakingrulespublishing.com. You can also pick up a copy on our website or certainly set up a subscription. These magazines are also going to be monthly starting in November.

Next UP –

We are currently planning our first of many 3 day writing retreats. The date is November 8th. We will have another in the Spring and Summer months. Keep an eye out. If you’re interested please feel free to contact us at info@breakingrulespublishing.com or visit our website.

Join us for a 3 Day Writing Retreat in picturesque Sheffield, MA. The event will be held at the 1802 House - Bed and Breakfast in Sheffield.

The weekend will be filled with private and guided writing time, lectures, workshops, a field trips to the Herman Melville Museum, and the Norman Rockwell Museum. Attendees will also get a lovely one of a kind journal created by our artist in residence, David Rule, information on how to get published, editing and much more.

All meals, wine, and lodging are included in the price. Payment plans are available upon request.

Interested? Please email us at info@breakingrulespublishing.com

3 Day Retreat - $50 non-refundable deposit
3 Day Retreat - Lodging – meals and wine included - $375
3 Day Retreat - Lodging Not Included but your meals and wine are - $275

And lastly –

We are now taking submissions for our 4th Short Story Book Project. The Deadline is Jan 15th – the release date is Feb 1st. Just in time for Valentine’s Day – and yep – you guessed it – the theme is

Love Is Love.

We are accepting short stories that are 30 pages or less – single-spaced and in a 8.5 x 11 format. No header – no footer and properly edited, please. All writers involved will receive a royalty package. A portion of the BRP proceeds will go to help fund the Roy Jeffers Scholarship Fund.

That should do it for now.

Thanks for stopping by.

As always, Breaking Rules Publishing is accepting submissions in all genres from writers around the world. Please email us at info@breakingrulespublishing.com.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

New Things Are Coming -

Hey Everyone - 

I would like to take a moment thank you all for your participation, support and trust in Breaking Rules Publishing. 

To date, this has mostly been a one-man show. Since its inception, BRP has published 84 books from 72 authors from the US – Canada, Scotland, England, Germany, Czech Republic, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, China, Australia, India, and Jamaica. 

We have created a bi-monthly magazine, The Scribe (more about that later) and we will  be publishing our 4th Short Story Book Project book on Oct31st. 

We are offering editing services as well as cover art services. 

Thank you, David Rule, for the image for the cover image.

And on Nov 8th we will have our first 3 day writers retreat. And we have also just hired a little bit of help.

So - a lot has happened. But – there is more to do. We are hoping to reach the 100 mark with our books published, (so if you have any new submissions – we’re ready to hear from you again.) We will continue to create writing retreats and we have decided to take The Scribe to a monthly level added 2 new magazines to the mix. And will start to pay a small compensation for our short stories and poems published in the magazines.

Meet –

Horror – a monthly magazine dedicated to the genres of horror/thriller/paranormal. We will continue with the same formatting – short stories/poetry in this specific genre as well as add some helpful tips on writing – starting a blog – journaling etc. We already have a wonderful response and submission level and look forward to the first release date of Nov 1st. Thank you to Patty McCarthy for the encouragement and inspiration to form this magazine.

Meet –

Triangle Writers – a monthly magazine dedicated to the LGBT writers and or short stories and poetry. Like Horror and The Scribe, we will continue with the same formatting sticking with this focus. The genres are open to all – the themes just need to be LGBT based or written by LGBT writers. Thank you to David Rule for the image for the magazine cover.

As you know, the September issue of The Scribe is out and ready. It is one of our largest and most diverse issues. With the two new magazines in the works, you will all have more opportunities to submit your work. And because of the vast interest in these three magazines, we have decided to start to offer a small compensation for the stories and poems written. Please look to our website for additional information, www.breakingrulespublishing.com.

To that point – we are only able to pay for submissions if we sell magazines, get advertisements, and of course, we’ll need your help for that. You can do that in many ways. Purchase or subscribe to one or all of the magazines yourself. Promote the magazines on your social media to your friends and followers – share it on your social media groups – recommend it and let me know where in your communities I can place the magazines for better exposure.

Feel free to make your purchase of a subscription to the links below.

Subscription links -


To purchase The Scribe – September Issue.


And lastly – I have to announce the sad news that we have lost one of our most kind-hearted poets. Roy Jeffers was killed in a motorcycle accident this last week. Roy has 3 books of poetry and 1 short story. He also has many more books in the works and we are working with his family to see where they would like to go with them. In the meantime, Roy’s royalties will be donated to The Point Foundation and Kidspeace – two organizations dedicated to helping young people through advanced education. If you are a fan – consider purchasing one or more of Roy’s books. If you haven’t experienced the delight of a Roy Jeffers poem – I would highly recommend reading his work. He truly was a talented man. We, I, will miss him.

It seems that this is a week of bad news in the way of life and death issues. One of our children/young adult book writers, Debra Bellera, has been placed on life support. It seems that she has been suffering for some time and was just recently admitted for a heart condition. Debra is currently fighting her way back to us. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

I hate to end on a sad note so I would like to add that it has been my honor to work with each of you and I look to most of you as friends, if not family. Your support, trust, and understanding has meant the world to me.

Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

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Breaking Rules Publishing continues to accept submissions in all genres from writers around the world. Please email us at info@breakingrulespublishing.com. 




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